Monday, June 11, 2012

Surf Party. Birthday #2

I can not believe my Hudson is TWO! The second year definately went by faster then the first for me. We had such a fun day with cousins! I planned a surf party for hudson. We had ocean shark jello, ice cream bar, crab and whale cookies, oreo cupcakes, bbqed, and THE CUTEST surf cake made by my talented sister! she is awesome! My mom made the darling canopy over the desserts and we had such a fun day with surf boards, beach balls, sand castles and water. Hudson LOVED his party, he was so cute that morning when he woke up. We got him winchells donuts and he just knew it was his birthday and was so excited for his party. Hudson has changed me in so many ways, he showed me a love that i never knew was possible, he makes me cry in a good way. Some days i wanna scream at him with all the tantrums he throws, but he really is such a sweet boy and I love him so much. Happy Birthday Hudson Boy. We love you.