Friday, August 10, 2012

Life with TWO.

My blog has been neglected. I guess you could say two has been hard for me. I will be the first one to tell you that. Im surprised my husband hasnt left me in the dust ;). Its surely getting easier, or im just getting use to it. I've had lots of melt downs, lots, i've said more prayers then ever, and have hung out with my mom and mom in law quite a bit. They are life savers. Hadley is so so sweet, she cuddles me and I think she is going to be a mommas girl. Hudson never cuddled up to me like Hadley does, so ive eaten that up. She sleeps 11 hours for me, eats then goes back to bed for 3. Hudson is starting to like her more ;). He is very  protective of her. The other day i let  her cry in her crib cause she was just a grump, and he sat by her door and kept telling me "mom hadley is crying". I have caught him many times in her room peeking over her crib to check on her, or clicking the video monitor to make sure she is ok. I always imagined Hudson with a little sister. Hes just sweet and more mellow. He has the sweetest little spirit, he gets nervous easily... just like his mom. I still hate talking about the NICU, those ten days i was just a big fat mess and i kinda like to not think about it. Sounds funny i know, and eventually ill laugh about me fainting in front of the NICU doctors... it makes for great stories. The NICU changed me... i always knew kids were such blessings but it was kinda eye opening to me. They are miracles. There was 54 babies in the NICU when we were in. The NICU is devided into sections... very serious, serioius, and not too serious. We were in the back section, the not too serious. Each morning i would walk into the freezing cold nicu, and be so thankful to be in the back. I am so so thankful for the priesthood and the gospel, it comforted me so much and who knows what i would have done without it. So even though some days are crazy and  i dont get one thing done besides feedings, diaper changing, baths, coloring, and watching cars with hudson 10 million times... it OK. Im so thankful for these beautiful, healthy kids. Words cant descibe how much love i have for them. At night when they are in their beds and i peek into their rooms i sometimes get teary eyes, its crazy what kids do to ya. The smiles, and giggles, laughs out weigh all the screaming and grumpy moments. Its all worth it, and im thamkful to be called MOM. "The homemaker has the ultimate career. All other careers exist for one purpose support the ultimate career."-C.S. Lewis